It’s time to quit whingeing !

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    The next three home games are immense.
    So why not try something novel.
    Let’s get behind the team and encourage some upbeat performances.
    The twelth man can give them that extra bit of lift that the team needs.

    Before you reply with a whinge and a moan, think about it; all that management training that you clearly have been subjected to:-

    * surround yourself with positive people.
    * positivity breeds positivity.
    * spend your time lifting people up, not putting them down.

    Moaners need not reply.

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    Thas not far wrong Lostock chap ( is it near Bowton or Preston ? ).

    I know this chap is so freeking miserable and always moaning that the only way I can summarise him is to say, “if that mon could s h it gold bricks, he still wouldn’t be happy”. My point being, that it reminds me on some of our JCLs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    AbramLaticNeil Sherratt
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    Oh the moaners will get behind the team on Tuesday, no doubt about it. If Moses starts, this positivity will only last unless he beats 6 players and blasts one in the top corner from 40 yards, should be have a poor first touch, then he’ll be branded as forever useless.

    blueviewpaul brown
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    I feel positive, good fixtures (winnable) coming up !
    Nice goal yesterday Diame, very nice.

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