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    Would this be a bad idea?

    Not much money filters down to the Leagues 1 and 2, so having a regional variation might lessen the burden on some clubs, it might even let them thrive with local rivalries and reduced travel costs.

    I think the idea is to merge League 2 and the National League.

    FA Cup Winners 2013, sounds good that

    The EggThe Egg
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    So are the national league clubs all then part of the football league?

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    Why not? Most of them were in the Football League not too many years ago!

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    In the olden days it was Division 1, Division 2 then Division 3 North/Division 3 South so JT’s idea really is going back to basics!

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    Football is going to be different, some clubs may not survive unless there are bail outs provided, and that’ll really activate the likes if Bury.

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    If its true that there’s unlikely to be fans at football till next year how the hell will clubs survive (including ours). Given players have contracts how will these be paid?

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    Possibly by extending the length of the contract, but reducing the weekly wage?

    If someone is being paid £10K a week and his contract expires in June 2021, offer him a £7K a week new deal until June 2023. Immediate saving. If player refuses, there’s a 90% chance nobody else will be offering £10K a week in June 2021, so he’d be unemployed, or on even less

    Obviously this only applies to a player the club would like to retain.

    Super Stuart BarlowSuper Stuart Barlow
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    I dont think we will have a 92 team football league come next season. Some clubs will be in serious trouble. Hopefully we can utilise the stadium once things open up again and make some revenue that way.

    Did that music licence ever get the go ahead? The demand will be huge.

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