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    Reet,maybe my bias is obvious or the alcohol consumption which is still going on is affecting my reason but to to me Leam has to be named League 1 manager of the season. There is no other contender. He reluctantly took over when Cookie baled out and again when agent Sheridan left to take Swindon down. Never been a manager yet he has pulled off a miracle despite the shackles he had put on him. In my honest opinion he has outdone Roberto winning the FA cup. This is an even greater achievement and the newest addition to the vast amount of past Latics phenomena. So pleased for him and Gregor. I just love this club

    cup winnerscup winners
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    He hasn’t won anything and we all know the award is based on what you won not what you achieved.

    I for one had my doubts he was the right man for the job similar because he previously said he preferred the role of coach.

    What he’s done is remarkable. I eat my words from a few month back. He actually got them players playing football, that’s all down to him no one else hats off.

    Yesterday even though we lost (poor defending costing us the game) the way we knocked it about at times we actually looked the better side and certainly not one fighting relegation.

    He needs money, money to pay wages and attract players. The squad is threadbare and we’ve only a handful on contracts for another year.

    Next season won’t be based on Richardson and how he copes, he’s proved that this year. It will be based on his budget.

    I just hope our new owners have a good few million tucked away for a wage bill or Richardson’s job will be 10 times harder next season than the one just gone.

    What gripes me is, nearly every season since coming out the Prem we yearly rebuild the full squad either through relegation or promotion or administration. We need a settled couple of seasons 3-4 windows to “build” a settled side and go for promotion.

    Next season I think the best we could aim for is a play-off spot based on Richardson been financially backed this summer.

    Super Stuart BarlowSuper Stuart Barlow
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    Be no point buying the club and appointing Leam if they weren’t going to bothr backing him.

    We need a whole new backroom staff. Lads can’t keep doing 2 and 3 jobs and Rioch needs to move back to the academy.

    Player wise I would want to keep Ojo, Keane, Johnstone, Dodoo and Otabor.

    We need to sign quality in terms of a GK, RB, CB and CM.

    I presume we will see a season similar to the one under Caldwell with a slow start while they gel and then a sprint to the finish. Bit like Bolton have done but we’ll get the job done :good:

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