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    In The KnowIn The Know
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    Now I like Paul Cook, but he left because of players being tapped up behind his back, mainly Keiffer Moore.
    So why is he now looking at pillinging us? Come on Paul, it’s not even the end of the season yet.

    Tetley BellyTetley Belly
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    Amazing how attitudes change isn’t it. What the new owners will need to do is get these players that we want put on contracts, but it’ll be if we stay up whether players like that stay

    Away a lot, but always watching

    The EggThe Egg
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    Lucky to have Evans in L1. We deffo won’t have him in L2.

    Super Stuart BarlowSuper Stuart Barlow
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    Was that why Cook left? I thought it was so he could go to Bristol and then they went another way?

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    Cook saw his arse and rightly so when the admins tried to sell Moore to Cardiff when we still had a couple of games to go last season, we wasn’t safe at that time and still needed the points to stay up, i think he’d made his mind up to go after that debacle.

    The Bristol malarkey came at the end of the season.

    Fuck the EFL

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    Left cos administrators were dealing behind his back when they said nothing would be done til season had finished… lied, as they have done all the way through this.

    cup winnerscup winners
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    Hang on a sec your talking like we’ll be losing a Phil Foden here. Along with Massey Evans has been nothing more than average in a struggling side.
    His contracts up along with Masseys so with the money there on there’s no way they’ll be stopping at the club.

    I’m surprised how Ojo is still been picked. No disrespect to him but he offers as much as I do from my couch.
    And as for Proctor?, he couldn’t hit the South Stand with a space hopper and is basically useless in air especially for such a big guy.
    Correct me if I’m wrong, he’s never hit double figures for goals scored in any one season.

    I watched us Saturday and nearly every cross that went in the box never cleared the first man. That ain’t unlucky that is sh1t poor doing of the basic stuff. A straight forward cross into the box and if they did go in no one was there to meet them.

    We can’t score and its as simple as that. When the rare chances do fall are way we don’t even work their keeper.

    Week in week out the same teams picked of late and it ain’t working so Richardson needs to make changes whether it be Clough or Dodoo I don’t know but it needs to be mixed up as this plans def not working.

    If we take the drop I can see us lingering around the lower Leagues 2 and 1 for the rest of my days.

    Long gone are the Jewell and Whelan days and quick promotions as bigger clubs take the drop.

    Yes we are struggling and I get the situation admin, no money, no depth with squad but sometimes it’s the basic stuff simple 5-10 yard passes going astray, sh1t crossing and can’t shoot on target.
    As for Evans ? Thanks for staying much appreciated but its time for you to move on

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    Lets be honest, the only reason Evans and that useless sod Massey are still here is because no other club wanted them.

    Fuck the EFL

    MR BrownbillMR Brownbill
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    Cup Winners bang on the money.We all know the story and I like everyone else gratefull to still have a club whichever league we’re in. Looking at our rivals remaining fixtures they’ve all got tough run ins so we still have hope .Unfortunately if we continue to play as shit as recently then it won’t matter how they fair. As for next season I’m in the complete enema camp…..Clearout and rebuild. If Richardson stays then I’ll get behind him but I’m convinced he’ll join Cook

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