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    Looks like there will be set number of chances to make substitutions…. 3 opportunities for up to 5 subs.

    Here’s the list:

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    FA Cup Winners 2013, sounds good that

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    I disagree, as per usual it will play into the hands of the money clubs and clubs who have come down who can afford to have a 20k+ a week player sat on the bench, most EFL clubs will have weaker benches.

    One rule that makes no sense is, you have make all 5 subs but only in 3 subitute stoppage periods but, if you sub at half time is does not count so in theory it’s 4.

    Again all to favor clubs with money and big squads. The vast majority of League One/Two will have kids on the bench

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    It is what it is, but I think 5 subs is a good thing and having just 3 chances (or 4) is saving time.
    Just hope we do ourselves proud this season and build.

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