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    cup winnerscup winners

      Olakigbe out for 3 months picked up an injury in training


      Now reported as a broken leg !

      We’re doomed :unsure: :unsure: :unsure:

      MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

        Bollocks!!!…That’s 2 in now. Even had to alter the minutes played in our friendly because of undersized squad. Anyone who seriously thinks we haven’t got a paupers transfer policy is going to get a wake up call when season begins. Before anyone spews” sustainability “….I F######## know….but there has to be a modicum of ambition as he’s shown with he slutch rats!!!!…..So far all I can see is Maloney having another season of firefighting until he finally and rightly gives up the ghost….Transfer activity??????……So far F####### pitiful.


        Like the reference to “The Slutch Rats”, by the way.

        Can’t help but feel dis-heartened before a ball is kicked in anger; and couldn’t blame Maloney if he walked off the pitch to find a role at a club with a modicum of ambition.
        I have renewed my long standing ST; but from the 10th of Aug it’s the “Last Chance Saloon” unless there is a glimmer of ambition shown from above. Wigan Athletic have always shown ambition, no matter what league we have played in. Mediocrity will not suffice :negative: :negative: :negative:

        cup winnerscup winners

          Tbh we don’t know what’s going on in the background regarding players coming in but if you read into the way Maloney talks of late he sounds a tab p!ssed off there’s very little enthusiasm in his voice.

          I know he’s not the jump up and down excitable type but he shows little or no enthusiasm which to looks like our players wages budget is on par with Ashton Athletic and Maloney’s firmly in a financial straight jacket.

          Now I’m gonna ruffle a few feathers here but is starting up a women’s team a good thing right now?.
          A shared CEO, average training factities, and a budget the same size I’ve got do the back garden. Maloney’s been given nothing so far so what do we do?, let’s start up a women’s football team.

          Surely getting things right with the first team then the youth setup then a Latics CEO plus a scouting system to die for for me must be take priority.

          Yes have a women’s team by all means but right now for me is the wrong time. Considering what’s gone on for the past few years with us I think it’s this women’s team right now is nothing more than a drain on currents funds and should have been put on hold till at least the above points I raised were sorted then start up a women’s team.

          Now if Danson throws the cash at Maloney as well as the women’s and the youth side then no I’ve prob but the simple fact is Maloney’s not making signings and I can only think the reason why is he’s not been given the money to do so.

          Let’s just hope there’s a stupid flurry of decent’ish players arrive in the next few weeks otherwise this season could turn into a relegation scrap something no one wants to see

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