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    Pea supper pies have been replaced by a “creamy veg lattice”!


    Got mi legs sunburnt

    Marshal should ave got two hands on that last minute save!

    Dunkley didn’t even try to get a hatrick

    Bloody rubbish Wiggin

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    U know the refs had a bad half when he gets booed off when u r winning!
    Good performance today, feel for Moore, works his chuff off!

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    Cook out

    MR BrownbillMR Brownbill
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    Agree about Moore.The lad deserves a goal,tireless running. Thought Williams m.o.m. and a mention for Mulgrew ,he can drop the ball on a sixpence. Jacob’s corners improved too. Williams looks like a good bit of business. Only worry is lack of goals from open play, Dunkley top scorer testament to that.Pleased with all round performance and a clean sheet.

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    It was a great team performance from start to finish. Williams definitely MOM. The way he breaks up play then creates something (even simple) is admirable. A very good signing.

    coach 43coach 43
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    Read this thread as i thought it would be about the little bit of handbags on the canal bridge after the game! Oh well, good win, its been a long time coming. Very disappointed with Charlton.

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    Heard about that 43, believe the young Charlton scrotum got a punch for his antics..

    On the match, Mulgrew, Byrne, Williams & Morsey were great, Dunkley mom for me, clean sheet & two goals…

    Need some consistency now as some games they can look really good & others look like they’ve never played together before?

    We made Charlton look ordinary today. We were much the better side, even though Bowyer whinged about a “game changing penalty decision”??

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