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    I see a number of players have donated to the crowd funding Defoe and Geldhardt and a big thanks goes out to those who have but here’s a point I didn’t realize.
    Players who’s contracts ran out at the club get paid an extra month severance pay as agreed by the PFA and the EFL so in theory they receive 13 months pay for 12 months. Don’t be greedy chaps , hows about dipping in and forfeiting some of that pay hey Especially 2 players I won’t name who spent more time talking to the physio than playing.

    Our wage bill for August was huge and was paid via selling assets and wages to players who left a month ago. We need everyone to throw into the pot even if its a tenner

    Also regarding Anthony Barry and compensation from Chelsea (top guy offered to forfeit his wages). Administrators made it clear that they thought it wasn’t worth chasing for compensation as it would only be 10’s of 1000’s but were asked to put a tenner in the crowd funding.


    5 minutes later they tell us “The club still owe’s £200,000 in unpaid for a loan player that only played a handful of times”. Let’s see if a billion pound club don’t ask for their 200k from a club in Admin.

    The simple matter of fact is, that’s admin for you, no negotiations just take what you can. Even if they got £10k-£20k compensation that means were 10-20k into the kitty. Their role throughout all this is not to negotiate it’s to just take what they can as soon as it’s offered, accept for a simple life at the end of the day the longer it goes on the more they get.

    And those doubters ?, wait till you see their final bill, you will sh1t your keks

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    A truly great effort by the players.

    You must have had a magic ball in your prediction

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