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    Huge 3pts for Stoke and a whack in our already swollen knackers for us.

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    Realistically were not chasing Stoke. Charlton are our only hope. However Cook more interested chasing the fourth official and Darren will update the owners once he checked football Manager. Unfortunately we’ve no chance

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    Now normally, an increasing points deficit, strikers who can’t score, a defence who can’t keep a clean sheet, half the team on the treatment table and the other half badly out of form, and, a manager who picks his tactics from a lucky dip would give a cause for concern.

    But never fear, Darren’s magic fairies from the bottom of the garden are going to save us!

    Oh and we’re gonna sell chicken & magic mushroom pies from the next game!

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    Our beloved club has become a circus with ringmaster Royle running the show. No animals but clowns a plenty with Cooko the clown the main attraction. He got out of his car at training and the doors and wings fell off.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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