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    An OK 1st half lead by a clueless ref.
    The high stamp, full studs showing tackle for me in today’s game is a red.
    The 2nd professional foul on Lang by Bannan warranted a 2nd yellow.
    Foul after foul on Lang was funny in the end.
    A pen that was never a pen orchestrated by the crowd and Magennis was on side for his goal.
    Led by a utter dog sh1t typical League One referee.
    What is it with Richardson?, is he the only one who thinks Darikwa can play Left Back???.

    We are toothless, I cannot see were our next goal will come from. Rather than 14 midfielders we currently have we should have got a forward in.

    As for Shinnie ? ffs I see Derby’s on a roll since he left and we’re on a downward spiral
    Coincidence??,he floats around doing nothing, were as Naylor is there breaking play up and was easily our best player.

    Injuries will be are undoing
    MacClean (ongoing foot problem)
    Key players missing at the wrong time and a backlog of games ahead.
    Play offs will be our best shot

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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