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    Does he honestly think the club sold him to pay bills while in Administration???.
    30k wouldn’t even have covered half a weeks wage for Rooney.
    He was surplus to requirements and letting him go saved Derby peanuts in the whole scheme of things I mean, look at the players we had to sell to maintain our league status and I can only imagine Derby’s wagebill last year made ours coppers.
    Shinnies on about, I didn’t want to leave which is probably true so with a comment like that is that not him hunting for a move back?.
    My view?
    He has been one of the worse signings we’ve made in the past 10 years. Every game he played he stunk the place out and we lost or struggled with Richardson screwing with the side to accommodate a p1ss average player with his safehouse style of football back or sideways never forwards, he offers us nothing.

    Derby fans reckon he was their best player the season before last, really ??,

    well let me remind you, you stopped up by one point that season.

    If you want a lift down Derby I will be more than happy to drop you off but be prepared it to be paid hey that mind change your mind

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Forums Latics Crazy Forum Shinnie, latest comments