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    It will be interesting to see what team he selects for the replay later. I thought Moors played out if their skin at our place, but hope they don’t do it again tonight

    FA Cup Winners 2013, sounds good that

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    He played a relatively strong side however I don’t think we played particularly well against the hard working non league side.
    Two lucky breaks sealed it and proof that the best teams get results even when they are not playing well.
    Credit to our superb manager for keeping them going.
    I thought our decision making near goal was poor all evening especially when that young Chris ( great prospect btw) came on and ran into good space a couple of times only for our players to selfishly try to steal the glory for themselves.
    Our forwards need to realise it’s a team game and shared glory.

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    That first half especially was as poor as it gets. Bayliss wandered around like he was a bored kid in the playground kicking a can.
    I’ve got to admit, I am not a fan of Wyke. He works hard but at the end of the day his role is to score goals. Numerous times he was easily marked in the box by a makeshift centre half.
    He will get us 15-20 a season if (and a huge if) the ball is given to him with pin point accuracy and no defenders around him. Once he smells a defender that’s it any attempt on goal is over.
    Massey and Darwika stunk the place out.

    These type of performances at home are getting far too regular, we need to be more consistent

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    I thoroughly enjoyed enjoyed a bit of old school cup magic, with a great atmosphere in our end.
    We scraped through but it would have been more comfortable only for some good saves by Boot, who could soon be playing at a higher level soon. Solihull played really well and didn’t tire as I’d expected.

    Does anyone want to go to Colchester?

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    That was more like an FA Cup tie .We had most of the possession but did not look that dangerous. They had a few chances with more composure could have made it a very difficult night. Ref made a big error giving the penalty but thankfully it did not cost us. On to Colchester ,can’t see many going down there with a 12.30 Kick off.

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    See! Told you all it wouldn’t be a repeat of Chorley :whistle:

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