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    I think we can thank Leam and Gregor for the work they have done to give us a fighting chance of staying up this season. The losses were unfortunate as in we won’t see the lads grow to their full potential, but we at least have kept hold of some good talent and brought in some experience.

    FA Cup Winners 2013, sounds good that

    The EggThe Egg
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    Wish Will had come back :-(

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    Yep fair play LR and GR have done a decent job but its only pro tem, when Cook lands another job (and he will soon) they’ll be off like a shot.

    We need this monotonous takeover sorted and get an experienced manager in pronto!

    Fuck the EFL

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    Got to feel sorry for the Academy lads who have been released.We asked them to step up when no one else was available and that’s how we repay them.It’s a cruel sport at times !

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    Some good business hopefully

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    Some good business hopefully

    Yes for the clubs they have gone/going to, not for Wigan Athletic.

    Fuck the EFL

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    After yet another spineless none performance last night i am starting to doubt if LR/GR are really doing a decent job, the team last night were well short on ideas, we couldn’t manage to break down a really poor 10 men Swindon, management team short on ideas after their guy was sent off (with plenty time on the clock)

    Not one attacking player left on the bench, otherwise we could have taken a defender off as Swindon were only playing one up and he was back defending the lead most of the time, i hope LR/GR read the riot act to that useless lump Jamie Jones for the pathetic attempt to catch the ball that lead to their goal and the absolute pointless yellow card.

    The difference between two shit teams last night was Jamie Jones throwing the ball into the net for their winner.

    After last night i really do fear the worst, i understand its going to be difficult but an experienced manager required asap, or its League 2 for us i’m afraid!

    Fuck the EFL

    Super Stuart BarlowSuper Stuart Barlow
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    Plenty of balls into the box but nobody on the end apart from Swindon defenders.

    Our definition of spineless clearly differs. They kept on plugging away until the 95th minute, but with few attacking options available to us last night the option to change things just wasn’t there.

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    The difference between a championship standard player and a L1 standard player is immense. In this league, you get 8/10 performances once every 3-4 games rather than every other game.

    You also get inexplicable mistakes at key moments that cost you points. On the flip side, you also benefit from the opposition players having a brain fart moment.

    That is why these players ply their trade in L1 and very few make a successful step up once they have hit their mid-20s.

    cup winnerscup winners
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    Clough and Tilt are a step backwards. Both are simply not good enough. We had Tom Pearce knocking in a fair few decent crosses and no one for a country mile.
    We have replaced youth for experience and normally I’m happy with that but in this instance the experienced players that have come in are simply not good enough. Ojo in the middle plenty of sideways and back passing.
    Even when we were beaten 5-0 twice we didn’t look as disjointed and toothless as that.
    I’m afraid with the current squad and lack of threat were going down. I listened the Swindon commentary say:
    Its been a while since we’ve played against a side were their defence is worse than our own”
    Which speaks volumes on our performance

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    Wish Will had come back :-(

    The list is endless of sentimental signings coming back and FAILING and no doubt wages would no doubt have been too high given our current predicament.
    One of the iconic players of Latics in recent times and his two previous league 1 seasons here were exceptional but glad he has gone elsewhere.
    Good Lad though , hope he gets his career going again

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    I cant believe he went with Tilt and left the boy Whelan on the bench. Tilt has shown he can’t mark a bingo card and his positional play for the goal clearly demonstrated this. As for Jones, he is what he is, there is no getting better. At least Evans is young enough to progress and learn from his mistakes. Its now time to give him a run of games. I also hope on Saturday Zack Clough
    is at best on the bench the boy Asgaard is twice the player.
    All these comments where made prior to last nights game not after by the way.

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    From Matlock to ManU
    What a journey!

    MR BrownbillMR Brownbill
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    Another one….Crankshaw leaves…..scores !!

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