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    Au Yeung is not a friend at all, (he) is a buyer.”

    On the mystifying decision taken to immediately put the club into administration, on July 1 last year, Choi added. “That was a long time ago – our discussion.

    “After, I don’t know how he came to a decision. That was something about his funding issue.”

    Choi also acknowledges the ‘really small group of the Wigan fans’ who criticised his actions during the whole sorry affair, but stopped short of holding his hand up and apologising.

    “For sure, when you make a wrong decision, you pay a price,” he said.

    “A really small group of the Wigan fans (criticised), but what can you do?

    “I don’t think I could have made any better choice. I wouldn’t be able to do that.

    “If we kept the football club, it would be irresponsible to our investors. That’s a public company, I have a duty to all the shareholders.

    “Of course, for Wigan, I understand their position, their feeling.

    “But that’s not to mention, a lot of clubs have been experiencing the same level of financial problems.

    “I did what I thought was good for us and good for the public, and for our shareholders. It was in tough times.”

    He has basically let everyone know what a liar and coward he is. No honour like their culture demands.
    Saying he wasn’t friends with Yeung, yet has had 2 failed businesses with him and plays cards with him.
    Come on Stanley, have the balls to tell the real truth and get some of that precious honour back.

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