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    Are stats in the game becoming more important than what actually happens to the result?. I watched England v San Marino the other night and to be honest the feeling I got is that the tactics were set to give impressive statistics. The game was so one sided it was ridiculous as to be expected a bit like attack and defence we played as kids. But second half especially the amount of sideways passing and playing keep ball was so unnecessary. San Marino were never gonna trouble us and couldnt get out their own half. Taking this into account why the hell pass the living daylights out of the ball instead of just loading the box and getting it in the mix.i couldnt help thinking how the likes of Malcolm Macdonald and John Toshack would fit in today. It’s as though it’s more about passes complete, assists, possession as opposed to scoring goals in whatever way you can. Maybe I’m being a little critical because I thought we let San Marino off lightly.

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    After todays borefest, Southgate said he was unhappy that the team kept flooding forward???????? with the game already won.
    Which match was he watching, my tits were well and truly bored off within 15 minutes of the kick off.
    What chance have we as supporters got of seeing a decent game when all the manager wants is tippy tappy crap until the clock runs down.
    I hate it where they fuck about passing it about just to keep possesion instead of getting it in the box and trying to bloody score. Whoever decided that football should be played like that wants a good talking to, its shite.

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    It’s a sad state of affairs, but unfortunately where the game is at. Not sure whether we’ll ever get back to the great games of the 80s and 90s.

    FA Cup Winners 2013, sounds good that

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    I listened to the Football Daily podcast with Micah Richards the other day. He was saying that coaching staff use so much stats these days its untrue. He also said that certain players used to make meaningless runs either in training or towards the end of a game so their stats would look better than they should.

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