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    After about ten games, I think I posted whether we were now satisfied with staying in this league and building for a big push next season to make it to the Championship.

    Most agreed that finishing mid table, or pushing for a play off place was a great achievement, but ultimately being comfortable and ready to go for next season was a reasonable aim.

    Here’s the question. If we somehow manage not to go up this season, would it no been seen as a disaster or would the original view of safety/play offs still be the sign of a good season after everything we have been through?

    FA Cup Winners 2013, sounds good that

    cup winnerscup winners
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    It’s a hypothetical question because we are were we are so taking into consideration that were top it would be disaster.
    If anyone says there happy to be in this division needs there head rubbing in a Columbians rucksack.

    Had we have been 10th with 4 to go you’d take it. This league will be ultra tough next season so we might not get a better chance.
    Play Shinnie Power Darikwa out of position were f##ked

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    Wouldn’t necessarily be a disaster. Vladimir Putin pushing the button however :negative:

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    A massive disaster given how well they have played for the most part this season.
    League 1 is no place to stay that long either, will be very tough next season.

    MR BrownbillMR Brownbill
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    Total disaster… chance of being in this position 12 months from now if we blow it. Sunderland, Ipswich, Derby,Wednesday either Rotherham or Mk and even Bolton will make this league massively competitive. What we have achieved is bordering on a football miracle so I’ve no doubt after a herculean effort so far we WILL get the job done. After all it wouldn’t be Wigan if you didn’t have to wear an adult pamper .

    Tetley BellyTetley Belly
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    Still think it’s hypothetical??

    :negative: :scratch: :cry:

    Away a lot, but always watching

    MR BrownbillMR Brownbill
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    Will get promoted…..jitters setting in but most teams with either promotion hopes or relegation fears will be feeling the pressure just the same. I just want us to set up to win the game and see where it takes us. As I stated in another thread I think Shrewsbury certainly isn’t a shoe in ,their nearly even goal difference proves the point. But we are top,it is in our hands so a win and the others can scrap amongst themselves. So roll on Saturday. After a stunning season I’m not losing faith in the manager or players because in my 47 years watching us I would put this seasons achievements up there at the top ,maybe even above the FA cup,Carling Cup ,Europe and various promotions. I can honestly say that after the administration turmoil that threatened our clubs existence I have never felt prouder to support and donate energy, money and time to our resilient club. Let Saturday crown another unbelievable chapter in our history. If there is any justice then we will win and sit rightly so at the summit…….1-3 win.

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