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    Been watching this on freeview TV.
    Just watched Chelsea Vs Sheff Utd & Liverpool Vs Ipswich from 1977.
    I’ve got to say, what great games with really exciting football (not the boring Premier League stuff) and some really skillful players and fantastic atmosphere in the grounds. Only downside was the crappy pitches; but that added to the gritty performances where players didn’t fall over because somebody farted !
    Bring back proper football (i’m sure Horc & Donny’s Page would agree with me).

    Glad I witnessed those times :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

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    Great to see the old games with crowds that came tumbling out the pubs at five to three and walked on for a fraction of the cost of today’s prices.
    Standard was good but fitness levels were lower which made for a better spectacle in my view.
    Used to love Sunday afternoons as a kid with ‘kick off ‘and Commentators like Gerald sinstadt , Hugh Johns and Brian Moore.
    Just brilliant and far better than the corporate boring feel of today.

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    Love the old games, Supporters Bar used to show some of ours from Springfield Park and they were brilliant

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