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    It just gets worse, someone pulls out because someone offered less, they’ve lost the plot. There here to bleed us dry nothing more. The longer there here the longer we suffer.
    And to say:
    Theres money to spend on new additions to the squad. Wtf is that all about ???

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    All those times I walked Up first avenue or over that knackered bridge, drenched wet through and freezing after a defeat and saying I would never go again.
    Add to that having stones and even punches aimed at you by obnoxious away supporters but
    fook me would I return to that in a heartbeat.
    Think may get even worse now and I am now preparing for the very worst , hope almost gone after the guts have been ripped out of the club by this bunch.
    Sorry to be defeatist , I am sure I am not alone , fat lady clearing her throat sadly

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    I recently read a quote from the Colchester chairman on how the stream money is shared. As it appears the first 500 streams sold by you for a home fixture go to the away side, is there any mileage (or legality) in the supporters club buying 1 stream and showing it in the bar, then charging £10 to get in. Net result is that only £10 goes to the away side.

    Similarly, every stream sold above 500 for an away fixture goes to the away club, and thus it would be more beneficial to the club if everyone bought streams via the club for away fixtures.

    cup winnerscup winners
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    Quote from are administrators:

    “Under English law, before we could pay anything to the creditors we must clear the expenses of the Administration.”

    “Taken together with the costs of the appeal, the loss in Administration is over £3 million which has to be paid before any dividend can be paid to the unsecured creditors.”

    So basically administrators are holding out to get paid which in turn “will” fold the club.
    My question would be,
    How much of the quoted £3million loss is made up of actual administrative costs ?.

    Administrators previously offered a £2million discount to any potential buyers if they left Euxton out the deal then sold it for £1.5million.

    You can’t make shit like this up, they magically pluck bullshit figures and quotes from a make believe accountant land to make it sound like: “Woh is me”

    I’m afraid admin are now pushing down on the knife just to make sure we dont get back up from this. With more lockdown rules ahead I cannot see anyone been brave or stupid enough to take on a business structure with no income and pay off the ridiculous figures admin are asking which a huge chunk being their wages.

    Scum, nothing but scum
    I wish them nothing but bad luck in life

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    Not possible mutty. It is for personal use only. If you want to use it for commercial use it is rather expensive. Similar to pubs and sky. They don’t pay £30 a month.

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