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    I’ve stopped myself from doing this for a few weeks now, and i know that politics and sport should be kept apart. but if you choose to go down the capitalist/neoliberal political line. this is what you get. people and companies can do what they want and there are no consequencies to answers for because its all about making money, and there are no/few regulations so when OUR LITTLE WIGAN get shafted by business decisions if you have voted for the neoliberal way then don’t moan about it because probably unintentionally this is what you voted for
    sorry but thats the reality

    Tetley BellyTetley Belly
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    The EFL and FA are regulatory bodies, they don’t make the rules they just enforce them.

    What is wrong is that they are not regulated themselves, so when they fuck up like they have done with us, they fall back on saying they were following the rules that each club in the football league has voted for.

    The OADT is not fit for purpose, they know it we know it, but there isn’t an appetite within the football clubs to change it. They want to make it easy to sell a club no matter what.

    Realistically, nothing will change until Government pressure them to change it, and they won’t do that until there is a bill in Parliament.

    And that won’t happen unless a petition with 100,000 signatures on it lands on their desk, they cannot ignore it then.

    All in all, that is 500 fans from every professional club in the country, or 20% of the season ticket holders at the club that have fell foul of the current set up.

    In real life, like us, we only feel like we should do something when we have just been shafted by it….. the next club that it happens to, and that will be very soon, will then do what we are doing. But until we ALL as fans come together and make it happen, other clubs will succumb.

    SIGN THE PETITION, and get 99,000 of your closest friends to do it too.


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    Away a lot, but always watching

    BarkenKen Barlow
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    Absolutely spot on eclectic blue… “as ye sow, so shall ye reap,” as someone once wrote, somewhere.

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