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    ……just play 4-4-2 and see how it goes??





    He will stick with his Scotland / Gomez pathetic (although Scotland to be fair did not do too badly at all last night), 1 up front, crap formation, at home / away, standing like a scared rabbit on the touch line in that stupid scarf.

    He has never played at the top level, never managed at the top level, is the chairmans pet, and due to these reasons, no doubt the respect from the players is not what it would be for a manager the likes of Souness etc (I know Souness was not the greatest manager, but he commanded a bit of respect).

    Our predicament is squarely at Bobbys feet – a scared, Gomez loving, Whelan fearing ‘manager’ (sorry, puppet), who may be lauded at the end of the season for ‘keeping us up’ when in fact if we do stay up it will be due to Portsmouth imploding, Burnley in turmoil and Wolves just being rubbish (although i would swap their manager, or in fact any other manager – particularly Avram Grant, with ours in the entire premier league).

    Why bother signing moses and moreno if you dont play them and insist on playing statistically the worst striker in our premier league history, and a spaniard who even Stevie Wonder could see is not up to it.

    Unless Dave gets hold of him, and enforces a few changes, Bobby the ‘legend’ will become Bobby the ‘pariah’ (except in the Superfans eyes who dont seem to care about performance or result, only that bobby scored a wonder goal against Scarborough many moons ago at Springfield Park).

    Get over it, he was a great player for us (in the lower leagues) and is proving to be a poor manager for us at the highest level.

    Benno and Uncle Dave wont be all smiles forever, and all it will take is another 4-0 defeat, a couple of bottles of red at wrightington country club, a call to Brenda, then the madness will be over.

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    Scharner at right back? :o

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    We actually played 4-4-2 for the last 1o minutes last night.

    Didn’t see much difference.

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    Another debate which seems pointless. Martinez will stick with his 4-51/4-3-3 formation. End of debate.

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    stupid scarf.

    Right, Just because you dont like his tactics etc, there is NO NEED to call his scarf as it is quite stylish. Please explain how his scarf is stupid, as that was uncalled for. :(

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