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    Tez HTerry Hill
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    Rallying call (which I won’t be involved in but all the same…) followed by a childish spat and one mon offering the other one out in cyber space.

    Get a grip ffs lads I presume we all support the same team.

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    Thanks Jay for moving this to its own place. After reading it all back it did detract from Babis’s well intentioned rallying call to the ‘faithful’. My only surprise was that it hadn’t been ‘cross shredded’ ;) (admins prerogative)

    My apologies to John Doe…….I really should be above being called a goshite and a prick on a message board.

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    I did consider deleting this thread, on the grounds that it has gone beyond normal debate and disagreement. However, to avoid being the Thought Police as is seen on RLForums and Red and White Kop I won’t (at present).

    But let’s treat this thread as closed, eh?

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    Closed as far as I’m concerned, apologies for any offence to anyone, Micky incuded.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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