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    I think Bobbys had a lie in today! It takes it out of you this Premiership malarky!

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    ‘Talking out your arse, do you think dw created wafc, if you didnt know we played at springfield park and we came from non league’

    Dave Whelan saved us from going under. At no stage did I say he was there at the start or say anything about our history!

    The argument is that Whelan took us from the brink and did something with Wigan Athletic that will probaly never be matched by any other Football Club!

    I may only be 21 but i’ve forgotten more than you know about Wigan Athletic!

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    Non League or Premier League the likes ‘Bobbyswigan’ are not needed at our club!

    Maybe he would like Whelan to chain our best players to one of the turnstiles to stop them from leaving?

    Or maybe sign players on £80,000pw contracts and watch us crumble in to financial and ultimatly footballing oblivion i.e Leeds United?

    Once again…

    NO Dave Whelan means NO Wigan Athletic: FACT!!!

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    Crackin’ post for once! About time someone posted something positive instead of all the doom and gloom crap! Very rare on a messageboard riddled with moaning ‘owd buggers and gang members from the ‘ES2 Massive’!

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