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  • in reply to: N’Zogbia back in good books? #45908

    i lick him no,sorry my britieesh not so poor ,as he shud goo sook cammeels noots yes.

    in reply to: Dodi #45907

    i soory my british is ver good yet,as yo see i undurstand no .

    in reply to: Dodi #45904

    isee what mean yo ,as yo see multi ?

    in reply to: hilllooooooooooo #40776

    as i see i understand yoi feesh yes,in egypt my as yoi say freeind girl she as piss on river,and she feesh it big
    we how yoi sey boart and feesh it
    she as feesh of smel
    its soo fooni we hav shoop thur

    in reply to: hilllooooooooooo #40571

    as yoi say butty yoi lick butty

    in reply to: hilllooooooooooo #40562

    yes i see we have point noow ,when i scool i lick alan shiela when at newcsatol he as yoi say not good yes

    in reply to: hilllooooooooooo #40558

    as yoi say you lick balls long tirme griff,i my british is gud sorry,i lick balls why i at scool soo who long long yoi lick balls and who yoi lick at scool moost

    in reply to: hilllooooooooooo #40539

    ah yes no i leeve in wigarn noou, as yio say i mees zaki so mooch
    but i lick wigarn and as my team
    hilloooo griff yoi lick balls yes

    in reply to: Message for Whelan #5498

    yees as today we shuwd huw we real play, sat veella played as you say pooor

    in reply to: Martinez #5484
    all you little lads who post on here singing the praises of your hero how do you feel after watching that rubbish tonight.I wonder if you will be praising him in the fizzy pop next season.

    you boy as they say fook mum and dad yeeees

    in reply to: Down To Earth With A BIG Bump #5483

    i see we sheet yeees,we as you say bottle pooop next year league

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)