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    Just Got in from the game.Have to say we were very poor tonight, especially in midfield, fair play to Wolves, they knew how to play us & they did it. Write that one off as a bad day at the office, roll on Saturday, or maybe not! :( :P

    Oh, and how the fook did Gomez get MOTM?? :shock:

    goubunlatics7jon bon
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    sat in es4 tonight ,never heard as many moaning tossers in all my 30 years of supporting latics,we all hate losing but some people are just embarrasing.

    psklpaul tymon
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    After watchin that cant blame them really, and while we on supporters that turn out from the home fans was shite :oops:

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    I went to Villa on saturday and I’ve never looked forward as much to a game as I did tonight. We’ve seriously gone from champions league material to championship material in 72 hours.

    I was wearing the new away top on saturday with SEASON 5 on the back, the chances of having SEASON 6 on the back next year is looking rather slim after that performance. I think Bobby has to consider having a plan B. You cannot keep passing the ball back and forth across the back line when losing 1-0 and less than 10 mins on clock.

    Lets hope the team who turned up at villa park turn up saturday or there will be more numbers on the board than the final ashes test.

    From Matlock to ManU
    What a journey!

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    3 points after 2 games
    one of our better starts int it.

    we had better get used to opponents playing like that against us at the JJB.

    the ref needed to be stronger to many little niggling fouls.

    was yonmons booking for diving justified? I couldn’t tell for sure, but it looked like a foul from my seat.

    but i thought our shout was deffo a pen or am i just biased.

    like i said at the top one of our better starts so don’t get disheartened

    crowd could have been a bit better for bobbys first home game

    but hey oh such is life

    role on saturday

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    sat in es4 tonight ,never heard as many moaning tossers in all my 30 years of supporting latics,we all hate losing but some people are just embarrasing.

    Aye, I was in ES3 and people were booing at half time and shouting get it forward at every opportunity. Imbaciles.

    Mancienne was quality tonight – I’m not at all surprised that he got called into the England squad judging by that performance. He kept Rodallega out of the game completely. And fair play to Wolves; they came and snatched a goal and defended valiantly for the rest of the game – they deserved their points truth be told.

    As for us, we need someone that can pass a ball in the centre of midfield, because when we play at home and teams come and close us down and mark our wingers out of the game, all of our creativity is rendered redundant and we become impotent unless we run at them. A Xabi Alonso type player alongside Hendry Thomas would work perfectly, hopefully Messrs Bodde and Diamé will live up to that tag.

    I think I’ll be seeing Scharner and Bramble playing one-twos in my sleep.

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    Very very disappointed with tonight. No urgency and very little in the way of attack. If we are to play that formation we need a sitting midfielder who can pass the ball, Thomas and brown have no creativity whatsoever and can’t pick a pass. Also if were going to play the ball out from the back we need centre backs who can pass and scharner a midfielder he must be having a laugh.
    I was sat in es3 and there were boos, we needed to get behind the team.

    aswad_mustaphaswad mustaph
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    i see we sheet yeees,we as you say bottle pooop next year league

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    Do we really deserve a Prem. team at all….the home support is fookin shite. What was the crowd about 16000 with not far short of 5000 away fans. I wouldn’t blame Whelan if he pissed off.

    thtyoneyearswafctrevor hoy
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    i will support the team whatever

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