Mobile Play: an Alternative to Traditional Sport

by | Apr 27, 2022 | News

With so many players and such a rich alternative of mobile games available nowadays, there is a justified dilemma whether they are a new type of sport. Debates are ongoing and relevant ideas are thrown in the discussion from all sides. Just like in any brainstorming, learning points that result after the analysis are more important than the verdict itself.

One exceptionally popular sector of mobile gaming is the iGaming industry. Online casinos for example are a modern way of using mobile technology to play various games online. Available for users either as apps or browser websites, online casinos are adapted to be fully operational when run on the screens of smartphones and provide a complete playing experience. Games starting with poker, blackjack or roulette are available with enhanced graphics and dynamic functionalities. Developed with advanced technology, online casinos nowadays strive to offer the same type of experience like brick-and-mortar casinos – similar to mobile sports are designed to be an alternative to traditional sports.

What do they have in common?

There are many similarities between mobile games and traditional sports. Mainly the spirit of competition, the training necessary, the drive for success, the confrontation in the game. The competing reason behind playing stays the same, no matter if it happens on a mobile screen or on a sports field.

From the design and presentation point of view, what you wear and how the sports accessories look on you are just as important in a game. Certainly, the mobile games are inspired from the traditional sports in this regard, when we consider outfits, accessories, mascots and avatars and other graphic representations to identify the players and the teams.

What they don’t have in common?

There are obvious differences between the two. Clearly, the physical effort is different in intensity and side effects, like sweat or muscle pain. Also, the physical sensations generated by playing mobile games or real sports are totally different. There is no mud on your carpet if you play mobile football, just like there is no hit-the-ball button when you run on the grass field with the mates towards the scoring gate.

We are living in times full of opportunities. The technological developments are facilitating better conditions for practising traditional sports with easier access and sophisticated training knowledge. Electronically wise, the era of mobility in technology has been fast and usefully assimilated in our lives. We are now able to fulfil tasks with higher efficiency in a shorter time, leaving us spare time for our passions.

A balanced modern lifestyle would mean a mix of activities, both online playing and traditional sports, so that all the needs of each individual are met. It is necessary that the body exercises its functions, not just in daily routine actions, but also through sports and physically engaging activities. On the other hand, we need the satisfaction offered by embracing modern technologies and keeping up with our fellows. One needs to feel connected to its community and updated with modernity.

Experts and developers on either side are working together and get mutual inspiration from each other. Online games are designed starting from traditional setup and rules and rely on the traditional knowledge of the players. On the other hand, traditional sports facilitators are looking for insights from the e-gamers to enhance the experience of the live audiences like instant chat or Virtual Reality training access or some other fan related features. All in all, it’s a win-win collaboration and experience sharing.

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