Diame this morning was quoted as saying that he thought Wigan was crappy and that he was unhappy with Wigan Athletc and the Wigan Lasses covering up.

In a Club statement the Latics midfielder tries to put his version across:

Latics midfielder Mohamed Diamé said he has been left ‘confused and embarrassed’ by the media reaction today to a light-hearted interview he gave to French website Sofoot.


“I cannot believe what’s happened,” he said, “I don’t really think there’s anything to apologize for because I never said the things I’m meant to have done, and the way it’s been reported is just a joke.


“The only people I want to apologize to are the Chairman and the club for having to waste their time dealing with something that is just so completely silly.


“I had a conversation with the journalist in which we talked informally about football issues and how settled I was in England and how Wigan was different from Madrid, where I used to play for Rayo Vallecano.


“Of course they’re different, one’s a capital city in a hot climate, the other’s a small town where we had temperatures of minus ten a few weeks ago!! What am I meant to say? The question they asked me was whether people in England were ugly, which was a bad question so I just said the girls cover themselves up more in England because it’s colder!! It was just banter.”


“I spoke to the journalist again this morning and he has apologised to me for the way the newspapers here have turned the story around but it’s done now and we can all forget about it.


“I hope the Wigan fans will take this in the spirit it was meant because I have complete respect for the club, the chairman, the manager and our supporters. I really like the town and the people here have always been so welcoming and friendly.


“I am a professional footballer, I live a quiet life, I don’t tend to go out much, I am just here to do a job for the club and focusing on doing well is all that interest me. We have a massive match tonight against Aston Villa and I am totally concentrating on that.”


Ed Jones, Latics’ Head of Media, added: “I am a fluent French speaker and I know Momo as well as anyone. You couldn’t ask for a more respectful guy, and having read the original article in French, it’s absolutely fine. This was just a light hearted piece which has been taken grotesquely out of context but our fans have broad backs, I’m sure they’ll have a laugh about it and move on.”


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