Someone thinks women’s football is a mockery of the game, someone as a tribute to gender equality, and there are those for whom the fun of the beautiful half of humanity with the ball seems quite suitable for watching the show, both live and TV.

However, it is no secret that the participants of this popular sport, as a rule, are more beautiful than all the colleagues from the male variety of this game.

And today we will try to show those football players who in all possible ratings and polls are recognized as the most sexual representatives of this ball game.

# 1 Selina Wagner (Germany)

22-year-old striker of the German club “Wolfsburg”. She believes that the unattractiveness of football players is an outdated stereotype, which was proved in July 2011 by starring in a candid photo shoot for Playboy magazine along with friends from the German national team.

# 2 Milena Dominguez (Brazil)

In the past, she is a football player and model, the ex-spouse of the Madrid striker Brazilian Ronaldo. At one time, Milena Dominguez was the most expensive player in Spain, worth more than 200,000 pounds sterling. She holds the world record for chasing the ball 55 187 times in 9 hours and 6 seconds.

#3 Sydney Leroux (USA)

American Sydney Leroux is a representative of the sports family. Her father is a baseball player, and her mother played softball. Leroux passed on sports genes of her dad, and a spectacular appearance of the mother. By the way, the guy Sid and the man who made her leave the football for a while is also a former football player, the Englishman Dominic Dwyer. His popularity is a hundred times inferior to the popularity of his beloved.

#4 Ksenia Kovalenko (Russia)

Ksenia plays as a midfielder for the CSKA club and the Russian national team. She was invited to the women’s team when Kovalenko was still playing in the first division of the Russian women’s league.

#5 Laisa Andrioli (Brazil)

The sex symbol of Brazilian women’s football is considered one of the most talented and technical forwards in women’s football. But the sports career did not greatly entice the girl, and for a while, Lisa went into the modeling business, starring in candid photo shoots. Before the 2015 World Cup, the Brazilian striker returned to football to please the fans again with her colorful game.

# 6 Josefine Öqvist (Sweden)

Sweden’s midfielder plays for the French club Montpellier. In 2004, a beautiful player pleased her fans by starring in a bikini photo shoot, and at one of the matches of the 2011 World Cup, she exchanged her shirt with a fan.

# 7 Alex Morgan (USA)

In 2011, the beautiful football player became the youngest in the application of the US team for the World Cup. As part of the national team, Alex Morgan won silver medals. A year later, she became the Olympic champion.

# 8 Liana Bochkovskaya (Ukraine)

The beauty playing now in the championship of Kazakhstan is one of the “hottest” football players of the planet.

# 9 Kaylyn Kyle (Canada)

The next in our top is the Canadian women’s midfielder. She does not play in any club, but this did not prevent her from becoming a player in the national team of her country. She not only scores well but also makes everyone happy with her excellent figure and hot photo shoots!

# 10 Kosovare Asllani (Sweden)

The Swedish 25-year-old striker wins the hearts of many men. Sweet Swede is now playing not only for the national team of her native country but also for the French club PSG. Aslani is a great striker and a beautiful girl!

# 11 Hope Solo (USA)

The football player of the US national team is not only a pretty girl but also an excellent goalkeeper. Hope Solo has achieved great success in her career. She is a two-time Olympic champion. She plays now in the Seattle Sounders American Club.

# 12 Heather Mitts (USA)

She is the best American football defender who has achieved excellent results with her US team. The three-time Olympic champion pleases fans not only with her confident defense but also with excellent appearance and figure.

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