As we revealed yesterday Heskey is thinking of his future, but could it be us? Whilst Bobby praises Scotland and we are in a battle with Bolton for the same transfer target.

Strange things happen in football and after being told twelve months ago that a move away from Latics could be harmful to his career, Bruno has suddenly found out that the comments were not just words but were based on fact.

I am not going to go into the ‘I told you so’ routine (again), so where would he consider going to give himself the best chance of keeping himself in front of Capello’s nose? Liverpool yesterday muted that they could provide the lifeline for the big target man, but in all honesty has he got any more chance of making their first team as he did at Villa???

I would say not, especially with Kuyt and Torres both impressing this season. No, it would seem that his old employers could be the best option again and Whelan has said that he wouldn’t think twice at having Emile back at Wigan; we are screaming out for his talents up front and maybe whilst he is here could even teach Scotland the art.

Scotland himself has been praised by his gaffer (see what I did there?), with Bobby saying he could be the next ‘Ryan Giggs’. He commented “Jason came into football very late, only starting at 18 but the hunger he has got and the desire to be successful in the Premier League allows him to see beyond his age. Jason is 30 but his football age is very young.

“I believe that the best years in his career are in front of him, which is very rare but obviously there is a clear reason why. There are not many like Ryan Giggs in world football, but it does show you nowadays that if you look after your body then age is not a problem. The older you are, the more experienced and mature you are, and the easier your job becomes on the pitch.”

The last bit of news coming out today is that we are back in the chase for Kilgallon at Sheffield, the defender has not had a new contract offered yet (which should say a lot), but Martinez is said to be keen on strengthening the defense as if injuries did strike we could be left very short.

The other team who are showing an interest is our mates from Horwich, Megson believing the player would be the perfect addition for them, Kilgallon said” Kilgallon said: “I haven’t been offered a new contract at Sheffield, I have had nothing in front of me. I’m 25 now and everyone wants to play in the Premier League. I think it will suit me more to how I play. It is an important time in my career and I want to play as high as I can. So if I play well that’s what could happen.”

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