I can imagine what the dark side will be saying about Dave Whelan’s comments on him taking Wigan Athletic out of the Premiership if there was no relegation. But really, do we want to become victim of the sham that RL and American Football are???

Granted I haven’t done much research on how the franchise system works in America, but if it is in any way resemblance of the farce that Rugby League has become I want no part anyway.

I can imagine the comments now from the dark side, it won’t matter to us anyway as Martinez will take us out this season without a doubt (just like last season), but on a serious note, is there any point in not having relegations. What the heck would teams be fighting for? The money men would still have control of the Big Clubs and so there would still be that mini league at the bottom, but without the excitement (sic).

Will they go the whole hog and have a play off system at the end of the season where losers can still ‘have another chance’ and the winners of the league walk away with nothing?

In an interview with Talksport, Wigan Athletic chairman Dave Whelan would remove the club from the Premier League if it adopted a no-relegation model.

League Managers’ Association chief executive Richard Bevan yesterday claimed the American and Asian owners of top-flight sides are keen on a franchising set-up.

“It’s the most stupid suggestion I’ve ever heard in my life,” Whelan said.

“If it was to happen I would resign Wigan from the Premier League and go back and play in the Football League.

“It’s a worrying thought that if we get 14 or 15 foreign owners (in the Premier League), they come up with some mad idea and it gets voted through. It would ruin and kill English football.

“It’s got to be competitive, every club has got to have that ambition to get to the Premier League, that’s why our league is so good. It’s an appalling suggestion. It would ruin and kill English football.”


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