Charles N’Zogbia is a step closer to his dream move to a bigger club – cancel that, he has been given permission to talk to Birmingham City. I can only think that agents are cashing in here as the player is at best making a sideways move.

Birmingham City have at last offered what Dave Whelan and the Club were asking for to have their chance at talking to French midfielder Charles N’Zogbia. After several pathetic attempts to get him on the cheap, they suddenly realised we were not going to cave in.

So why would Charles be interested in a move to Brum? This is the ultimate question, as they are not a better club than Latics, they are no bigger than Latics (even though they might like to think they are).

It boils down to the agent seeing more commission, the player getting more money or N’Zogbia has fell out with somebody or some bodies at Latics. I personally think it is the latter, but going on the total disinterest of the player since the harassment of the Birmingham chase for him, if that is what he is to offer, then he can gladly go.

If he wakes up and sees that he can see something special going on back here and can get over his differences and perform like we know he can, than hurry up and get your head in gear.

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