Arjan De Zeuuw was one of the gentleman of Football and we at Wigan Athletic adored him, so it was quite fitting that there were only our fans (from the UK teams he played for) over in Holland at the great man’s last football game to cheer him on, well done boys.

Three lads from Wigan make the trip to see off king Arry – also with us was our Dutch mate ( a mad Feynoord fan) who we have brainwashed into being a Latics mon.

The trip was all part of a set of year long Stag trips to see young Stuart Jones into marriage in August.

We were the only English fans to show up for Arry, all the other English clubs -Pompey – Barnsley – Coventry didn’t bother, so Arry is now our personal Legend property

The evening game was a great send off for Arry with Denny Landzatt also playing for the great DeZeeu police team…….. All in all the Latics flag was proudly flying in the Telstar stand and even now flying high in the club shop……

Here are some pictures of Stuart with the Legend that is King Arry


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