Football is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports in the world, together with basketball and tennis. It’s because of this that a lot of people have become true fans of the sport, having their favorite team and idolized players.

Wigan Athletic FC, an English football team, based in Wigan, Greater Manchester, England, is among the people’s top picks because of their all-star players, remarkable statistics, and very active fan base.
Due to these reasons, many people consider them as excellent picks when it comes to betting. Here’s everything you need to know to get your bets on Wigan go through smoothly.

Why Bet on Wigan Athletic FC?
1. Statistics
There are a lot of teams you could choose from when betting on football games. But if you want to increase your chances of winning, the best thing to do is to bet on Wigan Athletics FC.
This is because they’ve got the numbers by their side. What this means is that they have an excellent record when it comes to wins, goals, and offensive and defensive stats.
Wigan hasn’t been beaten by more than one goal over their last 19 league games during this season, showing that they are a truly competitive team. Though the team has incurred some losses, it still is rare to find a team that isn’t left behind by two or more goals over the span of 19 games.
Having averaged 1.17 goals per game this season, Wigan Latics managed to get the 9th spot on the best defensive record category in the league. This gives them a big edge over other teams such as Birmingham which has only scored 13 goals out of their 16 games.
This means that the Blues only averaged 0.81 goals per game. You can check out Free Super Tips to know why it would be wise for you to bet for Wigan.


2. Reputation
Wigan played against Birmingham with an outstanding defensive strategy. This proved to be a success against the Birmingham’s more aggressive type of play as Wigan outscored them.
It’s with this defensive gameplay that gives Wigan an edge when playing against other higher ranking teams in the league. Though the team doesn’t have an impressive set of statistics, their ingenuity and sheer determination are what makes them a great candidate to winning games, or perhaps – to win betting odds.
3. Fan Base
Football is not just a game that revolves around the player’s skills and the team’s strategies. It’s a sport that also has a lot to do with its fans. Home court advantage plays a vital role in the likelihood of a team’s victory because the audience can have a big effect on the players’ performance on the field.
Good thing Wigan is known to have a strong and loyal fan base that never seems to lose energy when it comes to cheering them up during their games. It’s a form of moral support that boosts the players’ confidence, which then increases their chances of winning.
4. Experience
Another reason to bet for Wigan is that they’ve got a lot of experience tucked under their sleeves. Having been founded in 1932, the team has mastered their play, and their many game strategies and techniques have been passed from one generation to another.
This gives them an advantage over younger teams in League One such as Fleetwood Town FC and Milton Keynes Dons FC that have been founded in 1997 and 2004 respectively. The Latics many years of gaming experience are colored with a lot of milestones, such as their victory in the 1934 Cheshire League that lead the team to win the Maiden Honours.
Wigan then defended the titled and managed to enter the FA Cup the year after, beating Carlisle United 6-1. With a series of wins, Wigan finally made their way into the Football League on June 2, 1978.
The team also emerged victorious in the 1997 3rd Division and the 2003 2nd Division. Wigan then finally finished as a runner-up in the 2005 Championship and entered the Premier League.


The Perfect Place to Bet
With all of the reasons on why you should bet on Wigan Athletics FC having been stated, it makes perfect sense for you to find a reliable online sports betting site. If you’re searching for one, have a look at the recommended free bets by
The betting site enables you to search for the best betting offers you can find on the web. What’s great about is you don’t have to invest or deposit a huge sum of money to get started.
You can bet for as low as £10 or even £5 on a single game. It doesn’t only let you earn money, but it’ll also make the whole game viewing experience more enjoyable and thrilling.

Tips to Increase Your Chances of Winning
1. Home and Away Statistics
Betting is not just about letting go of your money and letting luck decide your fate. It also needs a certain level of wisdom or strategy to increase the chances of winning.
One good way to do just that is by checking on the team’s Home and Away statistics. Check if they’re doing well, whether they’re playing in their home stadium or another team’s arena.
There are some teams that play better when they’re at their home stadium, while there are those that do better when they’re away. Fortunately, Wigan Athletics FC can do pretty well in both situations.
2. Head to Head Records
When it comes to football, teams usually end up having the same level of performance in two consecutive seasons. It’s wise for you to bet on a team that has been doing great the previous season because they’re most likely going to stay that way for this current year.
3. Schedule
It’s in checking the team’s schedule that you’ll know if they’re conditioned to play the game. Football is a sport that needs a lot of endurance, and players can’t go on playing consecutive games each day because that will exhaust them.
It’d be wise for you to bet on a team that has been on a two, three, or even just a one-day-break. It’s also recommended that you bet on a team that has previously won a match because their confidence and moral are still skyrocketing by the time they play their next game.

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