As people are registering here are answers to some of the questions that are arising.

Here are some answers to questions that have come in:

You have to register with the prediction league first before you fill in the paypal form, if you have already done this last year, you won’t need to do it again, your login will still work. If you didn’t take part last year registering is easy, just go to the prediction page on the Cockney Latic site (click here) and follow the steps.

You will need your team name to register for the cash prizes, there are two separate competitions this year and there will be cash prizes for both. The amount of the prize will depend on the number people paying to enter. Cockney Latic will guarantee a £75 to the winner of both competitions, but obviously as more people enter the more money will go in the pot and more money to the winners. IF enough people enter, second and maybe 3rd prizes may be added.

You don’t need to pay to enter the Prediction league, you can play for fun, you just won’t win a prize if you top the leagues. The payment area will be shut on September 1st and so it will not be possible to enter for the cash prizes after this time (click here for details of costs and points scoring). The registration for the league itself will stay open all season if you wish to play for fun.

I have already set up a separate mini league for all the players which have paid and therefore in the running for the prizes, you will receive an invite once payment has cleared. Only the ones in this league will be able to see it and therefore see who is in the lead for the prizes, separate to the main league table which will include everybody, even those playing for fun..

Once you have registered your team on the Prediction League or logged into your team from last year, you will need to go to ‘Your Profile’ and select the “EPL Prediction League 2009-2010” and “Cups Prediction League 2009-2010” by clicking in the boxes next to them and then selecting ‘join league’…. you need to this whether you’re playing for prizes OR for fun.

If you have your team name already, you can enter for the cash prizes here (click here for full details of cost and points scoring):

Click here to disucuss on the message board.

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