The kindness of Mr Whelan and QPR sees Wigan Athletic have an early kick off this Saturday, just so the sport loving public of Wigan can enjoy the Rugby League Challenge Cup Final on TV.

I don’t know which team the football side of Wigan will be supporting (if they are even bothered watching) in the Challenge Cup Final at Wembley on Saturday afternoon, but I think the answer would be quite surprising.

Although there is a lot of banter I reckon that deep down the majority of Latics fans would want to see Warriors triumph under the Arch come 4.30 p.m.. I am not going to get dragged into a debate on this or voice my opinion so I will end it there.

QPR are visiting Wigan for the first time in 6 years where we fought out a 0-0 draw, though we haven’t managed to beat our visitors on home turf in three league attempts. The stats show us that we have only won once in 6 attempts, with 3 draws. Click here for Head to head

Of course times have changed and we meet Rangers after a respectful (if not fortuitous) win over Everton last week, plus we haven’t really got into gear ourselves yet and so this is going to be an interesting one.

We will be without defenders Antolin Alcaraz and Steve Gohouri, so our back line will certainly be different. Warnock will more than likely start with the same team that turned Everton over last week.

Playing the newly promoted teams first has been as hard as we predicted at the start of the season, but getting two draws gets us underway and only a win away from the 5 points I thought we get out of them.

Martinez is 4 unbeaten in the Premier League and he should extend that record to 5 by the games’ end, I am thinking a 2-0 win as we finally find our feet.


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