Roberto Martinez opened up and told us what he thought of the people in the crowd who feel fit to boo his Wigan Athletic players.

In our interview on Thursday Bobby laid it down how the players react and how he himself felt about the fans that felt the need to boo the team, individual players and his staff. He commented on how players, whose mental state is already quite fragile, could be sent over the edge by booing during a game.

Concentration is needed for the full 95 minutes of a game and when the crowd, well very small sections of it, start booing it can upset that and therefore have an adverse reaction on their play. He went on to say that he understands that the supporters (I personally am reluctant to call them that), have all justification to make their opinion known, but whilst his team is playing is not the right time or place.

As Bobby said, we are one result away from having a great team; it needs that result to let them kick on and get a string of results together. You look at players who have things being thrown at them, John Terry, different circumstances as it is the press booing him, but the effect is the same and he hasn’t been the same player since it started.

Roberto says he will always respect the fans view, but please leave it until after the game.

It is just stupid to get on the players back during the game, reverse the reason for making you boo and turn it into a positive reaction, cheer them on that is how they will play better. Give them support it is what SUPPORTERS do, the boo boys (and girls) should dig deep and ask why they are trying to make the team play worse.

Think about how you would feel if you were trying to do your job yet you had people booing you, I am betting you would lose your rag and hit out. Players can’t do that so they will just go into a shell and therefore play worse. Think about what you’re doing and if you are in the crowd over the next few games and anybody around you boos, ask them why they are booing and making our team play worse, do they want us to lose.

We all need to unite, get behind the team it is what supporters do…..

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