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by | Jun 16, 2020 | News

Choices for Season Ticket Holders

As it became clear that the season was going to be finished, but behind closed doors, Latics fans were given an option on the unseen games.

Coronavirus has had an impact on everyone and everything, we at Cockney Latic pray for all those that have lost loved ones.

Football and sport seem to pale in to insignificance around this pandemic, but the decision has been made to return and finish the season, so we all need to hope it all goes well and fans observe the calls not to visit stadiums where their team are playing.

I can guarantee one team’s fans will not follow the guidance, we will wait and see. But for Wigan Athletic Supporters we have been given the option to watch all the games ion streaming, therefore donating the unused part of the season ticket, or picking an option to get their money back.

I can see how hard our club must be feeling the pain of no income but huge outgoings, so I donated mine, but different people have different circumstances and they must do what is right for them and their family.

Here is the information published on the official site:


  • 2019-20 Wigan Athletic Season Cards and Match Streaming
  • Three options available to 2019-20 season card holders
  • Match streaming details to follow on Thursday 11th June

Following the announcement from the EFL that the 2019-20 Sky Bet Championship campaign will resume behind closed doors on Saturday 20 June, we wanted to update season card holders on the options available to them, with regards to their unused season cards for our five remaining home matches.

A number of discussions have taken place internally and also with a number of supporters with regards to the best options available. It has been decided that all supporters should be entitled to a pro-rata refund, should they wish to request one.

One idea mentioned by supporters that we have spoken to and others online has been to substitute the refunds for a ‘free’ match streaming pass, so supporters can watch our behind closed doors matches on their devices at home for ‘free’. However, we recognise this option would not suit all supporters and the experience of watching the match at home is completely different to that of watching within a stadium, so making the switch from a season ticket to a streaming pass was something we felt wouldn’t be appropriate to make mandatory. Equally, not all supporters may be able to do this. Essentially, the two are different products.

With those considerations and more, we decided the following three options would be available to supporters, so supporters have a choice that suits their individual needs.

  1. Request a pro-rata refund
  2. Credit the refund to your ticketing account for future purchases
  3. Donate the funds to the club and receive a ‘free’ streaming pass for the remaining nine fixtures (home and away – equivalent to value of £90)

*Should supporters have one or more season tickets within their household, there is the ability in the form below to, for example, request a pro-rata refund for some of those tickets and to donate the funds/receive a streaming pass for the other. The highest value ticket will be exchanged for a streaming pass.


Supporters in the UK & Ireland should be aware that individual match passes for the streaming of games will be priced at £10 per match. Passes are £5 per match for those users outside of the UK & Ireland. Individual match passes for those who choose not to take the streaming option and non-season card holders will be available from Saturday 13th June. Audio commentary will be available for £4.50 a month. Supporters should also be aware any fixtures selected for live Sky Sports broadcast are available on Latics TV to season ticket holders only. Should a supporter decide to request a pro-rata refund, we will contact them individually for any future fixtures selected for Sky Sports broadcast to ensure they have a free pass for those matches. None of our first three matches have been selected for Sky Sports broadcast, we will communicate with supporters should any matches be selected by Sky Sports ASAP.

Any supporters currently subscribed to Latics TV for international season passes will continue to receive the matches as normal, whilst supporters currently receiving audio commentary who wish to watch the matches should cancel their subscription and sign up via the methods below. Payments for audio accounts will recommence on 13th June. You can cancel your audio subscription by emailing

Supporters wishing to receive a streaming pass in time for the first match vs. Huddersfield Town should complete the form below before 5pm on Tuesday 16 June. Any requests after this date may not be fulfilled in time for the first game. Supporters will receive an email to the email address they provide with a voucher code and instructions of how to sign up within 72 hours of their form submission.

Those wishing to stream should also ensure they have a My Latics account set up in advance. This can be done for free by [clicking here]. We recommend supporters do this immediately to avoid any delays on the day of the match.

Hospitality season ticket holders will be contacted by a member of the hospitality team shortly.

Any queries should be sent to Our Ticket Office will be under immense pressure to fulfil all requests, our Ticket Office lines will be closed so our staff can focus on fulfilling all requests. Please also refrain from emailing the Ticket Office.


  1. Supporters can only select one option per season card
  2. Any forms completed with incorrect or incomplete information will be discarded and it may take up to 28 days for supporters to receive communications from the club that their form was completed with incorrect information. Please check your form before submission.
  3. Supporters wishing to receive a free streaming pass for the remaining matches should select option C before 5pm on Tuesday 16 June, if they wish to receive this pass before our match with Huddersfield Town on Saturday 20 June.
  4. Any requests after this date will be subject to potential delays to the receipt of the streaming pass via email
  5. Should there be multiple season cards at one address, there is the ability to select different options. However, the most expensive ticket is the only ticket that can be exchanged for a streaming pass.
  6. Pro-rata refunds will take up to 28 days to process from the date of the form entry
  7. No amendments can be made once the initial form is submitted. Please double check your form.
  8. No requests will be accepted beyond Tuesday 30 June. Any refunds/streaming passes not accessed by this date will be credited to respective ticketing accounts.
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