Shrewsbury ticket situation – selfish fans or Club’s fault?

by | Apr 28, 2022 | News

Selfish fans?

There are dedicated fans that get to as many games as they can in a season, win, lose or draw. There are those that can only make a few, but make the effort. There also seems to be those that suddenly decide they want travel to their first away game of the season to see their team pick up a trophy, and deprive those that haven’t missed many trips this season of the privilege.

Here is the dilemma you see, Wigan Athletic don’t have a loyalty scheme, they don’t have a way of deciding who, if anyone, should be given priority.

It’s hard for the Club, I understand it. There are very few games that need a priority list, a system where those that follow us up and down the country no matter what, get their tickets first. It happened 3 times this season and it now is happening for the last game of the season.

The difference being, when there was a clammer for Accrington, Morecambe and Fleetwood tickets, Latics were in mid season and nothing was on the line. So the vast majority of the glory hunters snapping up tickets to Shrewsbury, were not bothered about going to these grounds. The faithful, mostly got their tickets and so there was no fuss.

There was a really simple thing to do regarding the allocation of these tickets. The day before they went on sale, the ticket office could have looked on their database and offered 1 ticket to each fan that had been to 15 or more away games this season. Not rocket science.

I understand this doesn’t help those that get their mates to buy tickets, or to those that rock up on the night and pay on the gate. But it is better than seeing those that have watched us all over the country, not get to see the last game.

Rumours of people queuing up at the ticket office with 40 season tickets doesn’t seem like playing ball, it is plain selfish. These are the ones that are saying if fans really wanted to go, they would make the effort like they did. Total B***ocks, in this instance, 39 couldn’t be arsed and still got tickets.

Others commented that there were loads of individuals getting in excess of 15 tickets each. There were a few hundred in the queue, only a fraction actually made to the ticket office window to be served. Online sales were delayed and taken off after 15 minutes.

As one who goes to many games, it will be sad to look around at all the new faces watching us on Saturday whilst the ones who watch every game miss out. Let’s just hope in future they become regulars and the ticket office listen to the fans and those that go to away games for advice.

Hopefully there will be some sanity and those that DESERVE the tickets will still get them.

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