Shrewsbury Town preview 30th April 2022

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Match Preview for visit to Shrewsbury Town

The old saying goes, “Latics never do things the easy way” *

4 games to we needed a win and a draw to secure the league, now with one game to go we could well need to win to take the title, we at least need a draw to not reply on other results.

Plain scenario is we need to win to take the title and promotion. A Draw secures at least promotion, but would be enough if Rotherham don’t win to seal the League title.

If we lose and MK Dons and Rotherham win, we could be in the play offs if there is 7 goal swing in MK Dons favour. If MK Dons don’t win we are promoted, if Rotherham don’t win we take the title. If we lose MK Dons don’t win but Rotherham win, we will be promoted in second place.

Hope that all makes sense.

Anyway, off to Shrewsbury we go, well those of us that have tickets. The Supporters Club have played a blinder with doing coaches at £5, whilst the Chair has given his tickets away. The Club are doing a LIVE beemback for free for those fans that want to get down to the DW Stadium.

Now all we need is one more performance from the players and our worries will all die away. I am not one of those fans that been whinging and crying over the last 3 weeks because we haven’t secured the promotion.

I am a firm believer in ‘the table never lies’, and at the moment it is showing me that we have done an amazing job over 45 games and we need just one more big effort in the game against Shrewsbury.

Will it be easy? Playing against a side that really doesn’t care whether we go up or not, who themselves have nothing to play for apart from maybe spoiling our party. Well look at the last 5 games, don’t think this will be a parade lap.

It will be anything but, they don’t owe us any favours. We do however have a great team that really needs to believe in itself again. Yes, we have had suspensions that haltered us. Yes we have injuries which has altered how play games now.

But we still have the ability and we will certainly have the  noise on the terraces (don’t worry, we will teach the first time Charlie glory hunters the words).

To the referee, well we haven’t seen many capable ones yet this season, but for this game we have actor Steve Martin….. well we might wish it had been him, instead we have referee Steve Martin. His Assistants are Andy Dallison and Matt Jones, the Fourth Official is Chris Sargison.

Steve has took charge of over a dozen Latics games, only seeing us win twice 5 losses and 7 draws.

Our record against Shrewsbury has us on 8 wins, 8 draws and just 5 losses in all games since our first meeting in 1974. So a better record than the referees. We have only lost 2 games at Shrewsbury in all that time.

What can we read from all this? Not very much, facts are we need to win to round off the season, so the lads just need to get out there and take nothing for granted.

Leave nothing on the pitch and we will be fine. We can turn up at Mesnes Park for a big party and finally see off the demons of administration.

*This may be totally made up

Head To Head League

Home 2 2 0 4 2
Away 2 0 1 7 3
Total 4 2 1 11 5

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Current League Positions

Pld W D L F A GD Pts Pos
Wigan Atheltic 45 26 11 8 79 44 35 89 1
Shrewsbury Town 45 12 14 19 47 48 -1 50 17
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