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by | Nov 21, 2022 | News

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Once a year a few of the wineries in Martinbrough open up to wine, food and music.
The population of the place increases by about 10000. Its usual population is about 2000.
I volunteered to help at one of the wineries. I spent from 10.00 til 5.30 standing behind a bar constantly pouring glasses of wine for very friendly, cheerful and happily inebriated people ranging in age from about 20 to 70, with the squeue on the bell curve being around 32. They know how to spend a lot of money on wine.

It was actually good fun, a lot of snappily dressed Wellingtonians, some showing a remarkable amount of breast which maybe the new youth fashion and is no good for an old man. They enjoyed a dance and singing along to ‘Sweet Caroline’, ‘I’m a Believer’ (of course) and a few others of everyone’s favourites.

A guy came along and in a broad accent said “aye, ar’ll ‘av a sorvinyon blonK”, to which I said “it’s better sauvignon blanc here than in Wigan, isn’t it”?
And I kid you NOT he said “aye, ‘ow duyoooNorr”?
“I’ve spent a lot of time at the DW trying theirs”, I said. “Bluddy’ell”.

For a short while sales dropped off as we discussed a certain game 10 years ago, and the semi final the following year to which he went.
He went off with his wine in his hand as we both sang, very loud “Boyceeee, Boyceee, ole ole ole ole, Boyceeeee”.

It made the day worthwhile. I picked it up from his accent!
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