Spoiler Alert. I was there. Match Report. Sunderland v Wigan

by | Oct 15, 2022 | News

The reporter and Leam.

(Claimer as opposed to disclaimer from the Blackburn match report. Before the cynics jump out of bed and say, “he has as much clue as a Prime Minister” and the word ‘Prime’ is used with reservations).
Being a master tactician and Professor of sport psychology I will start by saying that the Blackburn win was largely a result of 2 things. The reporter and Leam. The players simply implement the plan.
Blackburn read the last match report before the game and set up their team based on the information they gleaned from the tactical set up.
Of lesser importance was Leams stroke of genius, the master tactician that he is. He was going to take Broadband off but decided to wait 2 minutes until he had scored. I mean why would you take someone off before they score? Genius at every level.
Anyway, on to the Stadium of light, and with the cost of energy skyrocketing the game was played in the dark. Sunderland were hoping for evangelical intervention.
The winning way against Blackburn worked, so the match report is short today, suffice it to say it was like watching an action replay.
There were 2 significant differences though. All I need to say is Max Power and Charlie Wyke. After that the travelling fans sang ‘Will Griggs on Fire”. Nothing like rubbing salt into the wound.
Leading up to the goal, Will hassled a defender tugged at his shirt and then instantly put his hands up. “What me? Never! I wouldn’t” He has never done such a dastardly thing. After that non event he went on to snitch or nutmeg the ball and as they say, “the rest is history”.
As they always do and always should the players went over to thank each and every fan for their 12th man support. It was a game of 2 halves, Leam said he’s going nowhere except up the league; why go down when you don’t have to.
Good Game. Good Game.
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