Stoke City FA Cup 2022 Preview

by | Feb 6, 2022 | Match Previews, News

Match Preview for visit to Stoke City

The away tickets are all sold out.

To the SCFC ticket office “hello, can I have a ticket for the Wigan game”?
“Who do you support”
“Hmm, neither, I live in Martinborough, I’m a neutral, but I think it’ll be a great game, Just one ticket will be fine”.
“You’ll need your passport and utility bill when you pick it up”.

I got tickets. To keep my cover, I borrowed a Stoke shirt from an oversized Stoke fan at work.

You sods were only 3 rows away from me. I wanted to be with you. How I managed not to celebrate when Hugo headed in, I will never know, and all the while you toads were hurling abuse at me. It’s tough being a Wigan fan. Just tell me, why did I deserve such abuse?

Powell got injured in the 71st minute; somethings are so unpredictable. James Mc danced dinked and his steps got shorter and shorter as he sprinted down the left side, nut megged Pulis and in it went.
That effing ref. We always get the rubbish refs. Foul!! The referee is one of them starting with a W. He played advantage, heard the abuse we gave, so gave us the free kick. Maynor Fig saw the ball, and when you are a footballer and you see a football you kick it. Goal of the season and the only one to be scored from a free kick in your own half.

Max lined up the ball, 3 of them hovvered over it, discussing who would take it, but we all knew Max would. A stinging low pile driver to the far post. Gavin wanted to please his legendary Mum so he nodded it in. I got the traditional post goal hug with Mum. He pleased me more than I pleased her.

James McCarthur slid a near perfect cross, under the keeper and if DeSanto had been 2cms further ahead it would have gone in and we would have stayed up.

Callum Lang slipped it across in the same way and this time Aasgard worked his magic, as he does.

We’re still going up and we’re on our way to DWS. DW South, Wigan’s second home, and Wigan’s southern HQ!

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