Following on from the success of last season’s prediction league, there have been calls from Wigan Athletic fans on Cockney Latic for a World Cup League to be arranged – and so it has been. You can play for fun or take part in the winner takes all competition.

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The World Cup 2010 Prediction League

As there has been a demand for a World Cup Prediction League we have put it together for you, 64 games of International Football in the greatest competition in the World playing the greatest sport in the World.

For those that don’t already know, the idea is to predict the correct score of each of the games in the tournament and you score points for getting each part of the scoreline right. The provisional points system is as follows (I say provisional as I will put it to a vote on the prediction league message board, for whether there should be bonus points for anything):

Correct Home Score 6 Points
Correct Away Score 6 Points
Correct Result 3 Points
Correct Score 5 Points
Bonus points Maybe? (tbc)


Prediction League Registering and Entering couldn’t be easier: If you haven’t already got a Username, registering is easy, just go to the prediction page on the Cockney Latic site (click here), click new user and follow the instructions. For that already have a username you can still use your existing login and password. Once registered go to ‘My Profile’ and tick the boxes for the ‘World Cup 2010 Prediction League’, then click update.

If you are playing for fun, all you need to do is enter your predictions every week.

To enter the ‘Winner takes All’ competition you will need your Prediction League team name, to fill into the PayPal form below – please make sure that your team name entered on the form is the one that you are using in the prediction league (not your message board name if different). The entry fee (World Cup Subscription) will be £10 and the winner will take the lot (minus fees).

Type Pred League username here

I will create a mini league again for all those who have paid in, but for those that can’t work out how to accept the invite; I will put all the names on the Prediction League Forum so there are no disputes. I will close the entry at Midday on the 11th June; anybody entering after this time will not be entered but may still be charged.

Please use the Prediction League message board to relay all messages banter, good luck everybody..

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Click here to disucuss this issue and many more on the Cockney Latic Prediction League Message Board.

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