Wigan Athletic will play the outstanding fixture against relegation contenders Bolton on Wednesday, three points for us could make a world of difference so we need to do our bit by turning up and get behind the team.

Wednesday could see us put a bit of breathing space between us and 17th; we certainly have the quality in the team to do it. Bolton are teetering in 19th place and look certain to be in the relegation mix come the end of the season, to help us in our cause to not be in the same mix needs us to be picking up maximum points against teams like the Trotters and the team needs us to get to the DW and supports them.

Lately there has been some very unacceptable booing in certain areas of the stand, for whatever reason these people try to justify their rants there is one thing for sure, it doesn’t help. The team as a whole play very good football, dominating possession and territory in a lot of our games. To boo the team only sends their heads down, saps energy and makes players (even the ones playing well) lose concentration.

There were times in the early eighties when I wanted to boo Latics, but do you know what, I didn’t and believe me times were a lot harder and the football was a lot worse then. We were competing in a garbage league with mediocre players and we were perceived as a less than mediocre team by our peers and to some extent our town.

What I had then, and still have now, is a passion for MY football team. The differences are astronomical in the fact that I will not be seeing us promoted (hopefully) for quite a while as we are in the top division in the country (if not the world) instead battling out a relegation to the lowest division in the football league and nearly dropping out of the football league completely.

I don’t need to grab hold of a bucket anymore with other Junior Latics, to go around the town and every home game collecting money so that the team could get paid and SURVIVE. We now are one of the best run football Clubs in the country and that is whilst paying out around £30 million + a year as salaries not scrimping to pay a £2,000.

There are lots more reasons why we are in a better place right now, but the facts are the team needs us to get behind them and get behind them in numbers, if we can get to the next few games especially the home games, then we should do. Watching the game in the pub, or listening out for the result on the radio or Sky Sports news isn’t going to show the lads that we are backing them.

We all get different things from going to the game, but it is for sure that the team will respond so much better from a fuller DW Stadium. So if you can make it then do so, it is half term so let the kids stay up a little later and see the match live.

Let’s get behind the team and let’s get behind them in numbers.

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