Midnight on the 31st August get nearer and nearer and that means it is nearly last chance saloon…

As of Midnight on Monday you won’t be able to enter the competitions for the prediction leagues. As the league stands right now, none of the top three in the overall league and only two in the top ten are in with a chance to win the £100 first prize.

If you want to enter the competition instead of just playing for fun, fill in your details below including your team name and decide whether to enter just the EPL competition or the Cups competition or both.

Choose Your Subscription
Please write your team name

If for any reason you can’t use card or PayPal payment and you want to enter, please email me on editor@cockneylatic.co.uk before the deadline of midnight Monday 31st August 2009 and we will see if there is any other methods we can arrange – maybe meeting before the next home game etc.

The full prize details are:
1st – £100 (EPL), £80 (Cups)
2nd – £35 (EPL), £25 (Cups)
3rd – £15 (EPL), £10 (Cups)

Anyway for those that have already entered and for those that sneak in at the last minute, good luck. Don’t forget you can keep up to date with events on the Prediction Leagues by going to the special forum. It can be used alongside the shout boxes for gloating as well.

Click here to keep up to date on the Prediction League message board.

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