It’s true, the Wigan Athletic manager Roberto Martinez has said so, we are unique. When the chips are down, Latics fans don’t get on the players or managers back, they get behind the team and that makes us the best.

You see the difference when two teams that are struggling for results have two totally different sets of fans. Blackburn are calling the new owners not fit to burn and want their manager’s head on a platter. No respect for their club and certainly no respect for what their new owners are trying to do.

Yes we do need a win, yes we should have won the last 5 games, but we haven’t and we are dealing with it. The results will come even with the bad luck we are getting as well.

But most of all we should carry on getting behind the team, they are more than good enough (whatever some keyboard warriors type) to get themselves and Wigan Athletic out of this and if we don’t believe it then we should give ourselves a good a shake.

“I have to thank the fans because we have been in this situation before and we know that we are doing things well and we are going to get out of this,” the Gaffer told Latics Player.

“I think the fans can see the effort and application of the players and how well we are playing.

“With the unity we showed on Saturday as a football club, we have got the most important ingredient to achieve our aim again this season.”

Martinez added that the high level of the performance was a really pleasing aspect of the game, saying:

“I thought we were a really dominant force throughout the game.

“We had 26 attempts on goal, which is a really hard thing to achieve in football.

“I don’t think there was a more dominant performance by any home side in this weekend’s games in the Premier League.”

Latics will face Sunderland at the Stadium of Light on Saturday, and Martinez emphasised that the effort put in against Blackburn Rovers must be repeated if they are to achieve that elusive win:

“We all know that the success of the team relies on the hard work of every member of the squad.

“It is so important to see players that are ready when called upon, they have been working extremely hard for the opportunity to play.

“From now until the end of the season, every member of the squad has to give everything they have got to help the team to get positive results.”

Martinez added:

“You look at the last four games and it is very hard to explain how we haven’t been able to get more points, especially as we looked the better side in those games.

“After the game on Saturday, even though we didn’t get the three points it has really given everyone at the club a sense of excitement.

“We have got the right personalities and the right characters in the dressing room and that will be evident again come Saturday.”

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