Over the past few months a lot of work has been done to simplify the previous meetings for Wigan Athletic against every team in the Football League, giving you an easy reference point.

Cockney Latic has always tried to be a one stop shop for information on Wigan Athletic and that is why you can find out information on attendances, scores and the league table from every year since 1978 and sometimes beyond (Cup information goes back to 1932).

As the stats system we used in the past was a manual one, it was hard to keep updated and the information was sometimes hard to read. So John has designed a purpose built system that should make things easier for us to keep up to date and for you to find information and read.

The first part of this is the Head to head, take a look by going to the home pages and clicking on ‘statistics archive’ then ‘head to head’ or click this link.

Any comments would be appreciated on the message board or via email.

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