Wigan Athletic were the form team for the last quarter of last season and so you would expect the TV companies to want to watch a team playing excellent football, right?

The reality is that Wigan are again put to one side, we feature on the opening weekend, our game being moved to the Sunday 1.30 p.m. kick off slot for SKY.

We don’t then feature until the 28th November, at home on a Wednesday night to Champions Manchester City again on SKY.

ESPN have yet again overlooked us from their opening half schedule, but I suppose if we get fewer games televised we can expect the ground to swell a little hey.

It has been noted that West ham feature a massive 7 times in the same period!!!!!!

The full list:
Newcastle v Tottenham – Sat 18 5:30pm ESPN
Wigan v Chelsea – Sun 19 1:30pm SKY
Manchester City v Southampton – Sun 19 4pm SKY
Everton v Manchester United – Mon 20 8pm SKY
Swansea v West Ham – Sat 25 12:45pm SKY
Chelsea v Newcastle United – Sat 25 5:30pm ESPN
Stoke v Arsenal – Sun 26 1:30pm SKY
Liverpool v Manchester City – Sun 26 4pm SKY
West Ham v Fulham – Sat 1 12:45pm SKY
Manchester City v Queens Park Rangers – Sat 1 5:30pm ESPN
Liverpool v Arsenal – Sun 2 1:30pm SKY
Southampton v Manchester United – Sun 2 4pm SKY
Norwich v West Ham – Sat 15 12:45pm SKY
Sunderland v Liverpool – Sat 15 5:30pm ESPN
Reading v Tottenham – Sun 16 4pm SKY
Everton v Newcastle – Mon 17 8pm SKY
Swansea v Everton – Sat 22 12:45pm SKY
Liverpool v Manchester United – Sun 23 1:30pm SKY
Manchester City v Arsenal – Sun 23 4pm SKY
Arsenal v Chelsea – Sat 29 12:45pm SKY
Manchester United v Tottenham – Sat 29 5:30pm ESPN
Aston Villa v West Bromwich Albion – Sun 30 4pm SKY
Queens Park Rangers v West Ham – Mon 1 8pm SKY
Manchester City v Sunderland – Sat 6 12:45pm SKY
West Ham v Arsenal – Sat 6 5:30pm ESPN
Southampton v Fulham – Sun 7 1:30pm SKY
Newcastle v Manchester United – Sun 7 4pm SKY
Tottenham v Chelsea – Sat 20 12:45pm SKY
Norwich v Arsenal – Sat 20 5:30pm ESPN
Sunderland v Newcastle – Sun 21 1:30pm SKY
Queens Park Rangers v Everton – Sun 21 4pm SKY
Everton v Liverpool – Sat 27 12:45pm SKY
Manchester City v Swansea – Sat 27 5:30pm ESPN
Aston Villa v Norwich – Sun 28 1:30pm SKY
Chelsea v Manchester United – Sun 28 4pm SKY
Manchester United v Arsenal – Sat 3 12:45pm SKY
West Ham v Manchester City – Sat 3 5:30pm ESPN
Queens Park Rangers v Reading – Sun 4 1:30pm SKY
Liverpool v Newcastle United – Sun 4 4pm SKY
West Bromwich Albion v Southampton – Mon 5 8pm SKY
Aston Villa v Manchester United – Sat 10 5:30pm SKY
Manchester City v Tottenham – Sun 11 1:30pm SKY
Chelsea v Liverpool – Sun 11 4pm SKY
Arsenal v Tottenham – Sat 17 12:45pm SKY
Norwich v Manchester United – Sat 17 5:30pm ESPN
Fulham v Sunderland – Sun 18 4pm SKY
West Ham v Stoke – Mon 19 8pm SKY
Swansea v Liverpool – Sat 24 12:45pm SKY
Aston Villa v Arsenal – Sat 24 5:30pm ESPN
Sunderland v West Bromwich Albion – Sun 25 1:30pm SKY
Chelsea v Manchester City – Sun 25 4pm SKY
Aston Villa v Reading – Tue 27 8pm SKY
Wigan v Manchester City – Wed 28 8pm SKY

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