Wigan Athletic make the trip down the M6 to visit Aston Villa this weekend, but what do Villa fans think of us, N’Zogbia and whether Alex McLeish is their messiah. Well here are just some of those answers.

My name is Mike Steede 38 yrs old and I am a Moderator on avillafan.com

How do you think Villa will do this season?

Difficult question, we do lack depth but on paper our first team should be well equipped to manage 7th or 8th, having said that it is going to be a hard old slog this season as many teams have improved while we have stood still or even regressed!

How do you think Wigan will do this season?

12th to 16th spot will be Wigan’s general area in the EPL i feel, but i do think you will easily survive relegation as there are much worse teams in the league.

What are Villa fans views of Wigan?

Wigan are a well ran Club with a Chairman who clearly has a lot of love for it, he has ran you in a sensible way and this is to his credit, i have always felt welcome at the DW Stadium and your fans are great…but it must be difficult for a Football Team to attract supporters in a traditionally Rugby Town.

Is McLeish the man for the job?

I was against the appointment of AM but once he was signed all that ended! I am a firm believer of giving any Manager regardless of where they come from a fair crack of the whip! With all the turmoil that Villa has been through in the last 12 months stability must be a priority!!

AM has already revitalised out defence and installed some much needed team spirit, the signs of improvement are already there but there is still much work to be done.

This is a transitional season for Villa as AM had stated in a recent article and I for one fully agree. We need to see how many of our young starlets are going to make the grade in the EPL before spending stupid money in the transfer market. So far I will give AM a grade of C+

How is N’Zogbia doing?

Not too well to be honest!! He has shown glimpses of his undoubted talent but he seems to be struggling to click for some reason? But in his defence apart from our back line playing quite well the whole team is struggling to get out of 2nd gear!

How much of a blow is losing Young?

A massive loss for Villa, in my opinion he will go on to become truly world class at Man U and be a worthy successor to Giggs! Any Team would miss a player like Young! I wish him all the best!

Which Wigan player do think will be the biggest danger?

Rodallega would have been my pick but i believe his is injured so i will go for Di Santo could cause us some real issues!

What do you think the score will be on Saturday?

I don’t think we will lose but I am not overly confident we will win, but I will go for a 2-0 win to the Villa! I might be looking through Claret and Blue specs with that score but I just can’t help it!

Good luck on Saturday (you don’t really think I mean that do you??lol)

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