This screams of brown paper envelopes to send Wigan into more strife

by | Dec 11, 2020 | News

We need these admins out

Back in June Wigan Athletic went into administration. Since then we have had an administration of Paul Stanley, Dean Watson and can’t lie straight in bed Gerald Krasner. Currently these guys are pursuing a bid everyone is dismissing as being unfit.

Any so called professional who feeds fans of a club he is tearing apart, information that is blatantly and factually false is deserved of such ridicule. Krasner is a one man love in for himself. Someone who loves the limelight and will sell anything as long as he gets his pie.

Unfortunately for us, in the early days of administration, Begbies Traynor and Krasner wouldn’t have earned much money if the club was sold quickly, so they held out, then sold everything they could (for their benefit) to get the club to last out the months it would take to amass the baseline earnings they wanted.

Offers were tabled in the first few days of administration, but they refused to talk, was this because Begbies Traynor were looking out for the best interests of Wigan Athletic? Shit NO. If they had sold early, the only fee they would have got was a couple of grand for turning up at the stadium for a few days playing solitaire, plus £600k for a positive result of a sale.

NO, wait another 4 months and they get £1.3million plus £600k for a positive result. But to fund this, they had to sell £15million of assets for £3.9million. They thought this was great and that they had the fans on their side.

They did the online stuff with WASC (expensed of course) where they spouted their bullshit. Most fans thought they were great and only looking for the best people to take over our great club. Nothing could be further from the truth, ask Leeds ask Blackpool, both their fanbases outed them for the crooks they are.

Now we are in a situation where a Spanish bid has com in. So 6 weeks ago the administrators do the maths and see that after underselling all the assets we can probably last until January, so accept a bid from Spain or they are going to be at risk of losing the £600k outcome bonus.

At first all looks good, then one of the representatives of this bid goes to the training ground telling everyone they will be taking a 30% paycut as soon as the deal goes through, or they can leave. They then give this great news to the stadium staff a couple of days later.

I am not saying anything that isn’t in the open forums here, as it transpires that the bid they have put in includes the money us fans have raised as a buy in to the board or a plan B takeover of the club. This thank goodness is rebuked by WASC and the bid is amended without the supporters cash.

It says a lot that the bid has had scrutiny from WASC, The Council, Lisa Nandy and the EFL and ALL OF THEM say this is a really bad deal. It transpires that the main backer is disqualified, yet the administrators continue to give exclusivity and allow them to change the bid, when better bids have come along (before and) since. It screams of brown paper envelopes.

What do we want as fans? We want decent owners and we want them quick, 2 things these administrators do not care about. From the start it should have been WASC deciding which bids were best, not a company that is used to liquidating businesses.

I feel we are going suffer if the Spanish get in, but at least they must keep us running for 2 years if they do get in (probably in League 2), I reckon that is the most they will do. But at least it means we have 2 years to look at alternatives.

If the other bids have weight behind them, which is the sound bites that are resonating, I wish they could be given a chance.

God love our club and let the powers that be guide us correctly.

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