Wigan Athletic start their season this weekend with Chelsea, but due to a lot of requests to make the season that bit more interesting, we have created the 12th Annual Prediction League and for those that don’t have the time nor the inclination for a season long competition, we are starting a new separate competition.

Competition 1

We wasn’t going to do this League this year, but due a lot of emails requesting us to do it again, the 2012-13 Cockney Latic Prediction League is now open for you to enter your scores. The object is to get as many points throughout the season by predicting the scores and outcomes of every league match during the season.

Points are awarded as follows:

• Correct Home Score – 2 points
• Correct Away Score – 3 points
• Correct Score – 5 points
• Correct Result – 10 points
• Games involving Wigan Athletic score an extra 10 points for getting everything correct.
• Weekly winner will get an extra 10 points
• Monthly winner will get an extra 15 points

The winner of the competition at the end of the season will win a trophy, a signed shirt plus a crate of beer….. Neither myself, John or Mark Lawrenson will be able to claim the prize.

If were registered to play last season, you just need to log in and go to ‘My Profile’ to add yourself to the League. If you were not playing last season, you need to register and then go to ‘My Profile’. Click here to go to the Prediction league

Competition 2

As a suggestion, a second competition will run alongside the Prediction League, though all entries must be paid up and predictions given by the 31st August 2012.

The idea – by Filmoss – is that we predict how many points Latics will end up with at the end of the season. Should two people get it exactly right (or same points away from the end points tally) we will go to a tie breaker of what the goal difference is at the end of the season. If these are still the same (or same difference) it will go to how many goals Latics score, if this still doesn’t separate them, then a boxing match of 3, 3 minute rounds will have to do*.

The cost of the competition is £5, please pay by PayPal (or request an invoice if you want to pay by card) and the winner will take all (minus the PayPal charges).

Predictions over the 2012-13 season for:

• Total points gained for Wigan athletic
• Wigan Athletics’ goal difference
• Amount of goals scored by Wigan Athletic

Should be sent to jayt@cockneylatic.co.uk – please also let me know which paypal account has been used to pay so that I can confirm that payment has been made.
On the 1st September I will publish on the Prediction League Forum all the participants’ predictions so that there are no arguments.

Click here to go to the Forum Thread

*I doubt we can legally get away with this and so if it is still tied after this we will have to think of something else.

Both competitions are open to anybody and you can enter as many times as you like.

If you have any queries regarding either competition, please email me on jayt@cockneylatic.co.uk, Good Luck.

If any companies want to sponsor one or both these competitions, please email me.

Click here to disucuss this issue and many more on the Cockney Latic message board.


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